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Momentous Institute is one of the charitable beneficiaries of the inaugural ClubCorp Classic. In addition to raising funds to support Momentous Institute’s goal of changing the odds for all children to build healthy and equitable communities, the ClubCorp Classic also invited students from the Momentous School to serve as junior reporters for the event. 

Here are their stories:

Behind-The-Scenes at the ClubCorp Classic

April 22, 2022

By Yuliana Sandoval, 5th grade student at Momentous School, 2022 Junior Reporter

You may have been wondering what exactly makes a golf tournament possible.  Well, this may surprise you, but it takes a lot of people. People like Diana Pfaff.

Ms. Pfaff is a Vice President of Marketing Communications at Visit Irving which means she works in Public Relations (PR). PR benefits the economy by promoting Irving, Texas to more visitors and tourists, and then more people visit. More visitors means more people spending money in restaurants and hotels, which leads to them paying taxes, which in turn benefits the city. In getting ready for the ClubCorp Classic, Pfaff said that about thirty-thousand visitors would be coming to this event.

Now you may be wondering how exactly this is related to ClubCorp Classic. Well, since Diana promotes the city, she needs something to actually say about it. This is why media is important, and why Visit Irving hosted a Media Center at ClubCorp Classic.


Visit Irving’s Diana Pfaff with Momentous’ two reporters.

We spoke with Diana about many different aspects of her job.  One, she gets to travel. If she can’t get people to come to Irving, then she goes to them to talk about her city. According to Diana her favorite place is NYC because “everything’s cool in New York City,” and she likes spending time there. Two, things change over time. She explained how becoming a Vice President of Marketing Communications, “didn’t happen overnight”. It took her many promotions and hard work to get where she is now. As well as the ability to “Be willing to change and learn.” She also says, “You really have to like people.”

During her interview with the Junior Reporters from Momentous School she jokingly said to “Run and don’t do it!” when talking about advice. But then she got serious.

“Everything leads to something,” according to Diana. She started as a Coordinator at Visit Irving, then she became a Manager, then a Senior Manager, then a Director, and now Vice President. This just shows how committed she is to her work. She is a good role model for younger people dreaming of working in PR in the future. This was all new to me, and it sounds like a cool job.