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Momentous Institute is one of the charitable beneficiaries of the inaugural ClubCorp Classic. In addition to raising funds to support Momentous Institute’s goal of changing the odds for all children to build healthy and equitable communities, the ClubCorp Classic also invited students from the Momentous School to serve as junior reporters for the event. 

Here are their stories:

Attending the ClubCorp Classic Youth Clinic presented by Energy Transfer

by Noemi Rojas, 5th grade student, Momentous School, 2022 Junior Reporter

Last Tuesday, we had the opportunity to participate in a golf clinic offered as part of the Dallas ClubCorp Classic. Me and some of my fifth-grade classmates at Momentous School arrived at Las Colinas Country Club all walked on a special brown carpet outside leading into a beautiful and large yard.  Annika Sorenstam, a Swedish professional golfer and winner of a record eight Player of the Year awards, was already at work, reviewing what to do when golfing.

One funny thing I quickly noticed was that she was wearing white Skechers, a sneaker that I don’t often see.  We all sat down and received a ClubCorp hat for the sun since it was extremely sunny.

Ms. Sorenstam let us ask questions like, “Why do you like golf?” and she told us that she likes using the driver and making long shots. She also gave us tips to swing better to get the golf ball to go farther. After everyone listened, we gathered up and took a group photo with Annika Sorenstam. Later she was kind enough to let us get autographs on the hats we received.

At the end of this event, I thought that Annika was a kind and determined person with good jokes.